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Another Quality Pool Remodeling in Hunters Creek Orlando

It is time for another quality pool remodeling overview!

We just love the Hunters Creek area not only because it is located in the heart of Orlando, Florida but more so because we live their as well. In our line of work we travel hundreds of miles on a weekly basis which at times can be frustrating, especially due to the population growth Orlando has been seeing in the last couple of years driving has became a nightmare. So with that being said their is literally nothing better than work right in our backyards.
This pool remodeling could not have been more of a perfect job for us. Lovely area, cooperative homeowners, lake view and the weather in late December just topped it off. Once the homeowners made up their minds on the pool finish, tile, deck paint and of their choosing we were off to a good start. We even rewarded the homeowners with some new upgrade Quartz spillways replacing the thin travertine ones. Scroll down to see our progress and end result on this project and please feel free to leave some comments.

Materials for this pool remodeling project.
– Tahoe Blue Quartz finish by CL Industries
– Blue Seas Royal Blue tile by National Pool Tile
– Natural acrylic deck paint by Innovative Concrete Technologies
– Craftsmanship by yours truly The Pool Specialist!

Before the pool remodeling #1

Before the pool remodeling #2

Before the pool remodeling #3

Tiles removed and bonding agent applied
After pool remodeling is complete with Tahoe Blue Finish by CLI #1

After pool remodeling is complete with Tahoe Blue Finish by CLI #2
After pool remodeling is complete with Tahoe Blue Finish by CLI #3

Swimming Pool Renovations and Upgrades in Hunters Creek Orlando

A much needed swimming pool renovation in Hunters Creek Orlando!

Majority of swimming pool renovations consist of re-tiling and resurfacing also known as plastering. However once in a blue we have a more extensive and complicated project.
When we met the homeowners for this renovations project they were highly concerned of their swimming pool’s current condition. The tile line had separations and cracks throughout the fountain spill-over feature was useless as fountains don’t have main drains making them difficult to clean, pool finish has discolorations and deterioration through out the surface and overall the entire pool area was in need for some refurbishment.
The homeowners were highly creative, cooperative and patient and after many brainstorming sessions we came up with some creative ideas and the swimming pool renovation work started. Initially we drained the pool and started the demolition and prep work. Making sure we remove any hallow-spots in the surface and under-cut around all the returns, jets and light fixture properly is a crucial part of the prep work, followed by removal of all of the planters and wooden deck on the outside of the enclosure. We then built a radius footer on the existing fountain wall and installed a custom radius cut Sheer Descent Waterfall, re-tiled the entire perimeter and radius wall, bonding-agent was applied to the surface, paver stones were installed over the Sheer Descent Waterfall, in the planters and replacing the old wooden deck with some beautiful paver stones and a single line retaining wall. The old fiber-optic light system was upgraded to a multi-color led lights with a remote control to turn the lights on and off and control colors. The homeowners even added their own touch by personally installing some starfishes in the pool steps and swim-outs. The pool resurfacing then took place which resulted in a beautiful smooth and exposed Quartz finish. Followed by rolling a few coats of Acrylic based deck paint to give the entire pool area a final touch thus completing the swimming pool renovations project.

Another beautiful swimming pool renovation

Pool Refurbishment in the Beautiful Lake Forest Subdivision in Sanford

Just some needed pool refurbishment

What began as a straight forward pool resurfacing ended being an entire pool refurbishment. Initially the plan was just to resurface the interior finish of the swimming pool and leave the rest as is, since the tiles were in great shape and not breaking off anywhere. However after draining the pool we noticed the tiles were heavily calcified and non-cleanable. At this point a tile redo was necessary and we gave the customers some tiling recommendations and decided on a modern looking and a easily cleanable tile. Due to the efforts of our service crews the end result was a beautifully renovated swimming pool which one can be proud of.

Property located in the beautiful subdivision of Lake Forest in Sanford, Florida.

Materials for this Renovations Project!
-Blue Mixed Water Colors Abstract Glass Tile by Artistry in Mosaics.
-Miami Blue Interior Finish by Premix Marbletite
-Deck Trim Painted in Caribbean Cream by Innovative Concrete Technologies.

Please view the pictures from top being the beginning and the bottom final end result. Thank you for reading!

The end results of the pool refurbishment. Beautifully done pool refurbishment

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