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Pool Refurbishment in the Beautiful Lake Forest Subdivision in Sanford

Just some needed pool refurbishment

What began as a straight forward pool resurfacing ended being an entire pool refurbishment. Initially the plan was just to resurface the interior finish of the swimming pool and leave the rest as is, since the tiles were in great shape and not breaking off anywhere. However after draining the pool we noticed the tiles were heavily calcified and non-cleanable. At this point a tile redo was necessary and we gave the customers some tiling recommendations and decided on a modern looking and a easily cleanable tile. Due to the efforts of our service crews the end result was a beautifully renovated swimming pool which one can be proud of.

Property located in the beautiful subdivision of Lake Forest in Sanford, Florida.

Materials for this Renovations Project!
-Blue Mixed Water Colors Abstract Glass Tile by Artistry in Mosaics.
-Miami Blue Interior Finish by Premix Marbletite
-Deck Trim Painted in Caribbean Cream by Innovative Concrete Technologies.

Please view the pictures from top being the beginning and the bottom final end result. Thank you for reading!

The end results of the pool refurbishment. Beautifully done pool refurbishment

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