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Swimming Pool Renovations and Upgrades in Hunters Creek Orlando

A much needed swimming pool renovation in Hunters Creek Orlando!

Majority of swimming pool renovations consist of re-tiling and resurfacing also known as plastering. However once in a blue we have a more extensive and complicated project.
When we met the homeowners for this renovations project they were highly concerned of their swimming pool’s current condition. The tile line had separations and cracks throughout the fountain spill-over feature was useless as fountains don’t have main drains making them difficult to clean, pool finish has discolorations and deterioration through out the surface and overall the entire pool area was in need for some refurbishment.
The homeowners were highly creative, cooperative and patient and after many brainstorming sessions we came up with some creative ideas and the swimming pool renovation work started. Initially we drained the pool and started the demolition and prep work. Making sure we remove any hallow-spots in the surface and under-cut around all the returns, jets and light fixture properly is a crucial part of the prep work, followed by removal of all of the planters and wooden deck on the outside of the enclosure. We then built a radius footer on the existing fountain wall and installed a custom radius cut Sheer Descent Waterfall, re-tiled the entire perimeter and radius wall, bonding-agent was applied to the surface, paver stones were installed over the Sheer Descent Waterfall, in the planters and replacing the old wooden deck with some beautiful paver stones and a single line retaining wall. The old fiber-optic light system was upgraded to a multi-color led lights with a remote control to turn the lights on and off and control colors. The homeowners even added their own touch by personally installing some starfishes in the pool steps and swim-outs. The pool resurfacing then took place which resulted in a beautiful smooth and exposed Quartz finish. Followed by rolling a few coats of Acrylic based deck paint to give the entire pool area a final touch thus completing the swimming pool renovations project.

Another beautiful swimming pool renovation

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