Choosing Your Tiles

In a Few Easy Steps…

1. Know which tiles will work for you.

2. Choose which kind of step accent style you would like to go with.

3. Browse through the tiles and choose a tile you like.

Which tiles will work for you?

This depends on your current tiling configuration.

There are 3 different types of configurations illustrated below. 

Look at your configuration setting and choose a tile to complement it.

For the Cantelliver Edge the recommended options are

– 6×6 Ceramic & Stone tile – $
(Are the most efficient and  come in a many colors and designs.)

– Mosaic Ceramic Tiles -$
(Great for inside and outside radius.)

– 1×1, 1×2 & Mixed Glass Tiles – $$
(Glass tiles are the trend now days and come in a variety of options. Great to use on pools and spas with multiple inside and outside radius perimeter.)

For bull-Nose Tiles Edge the option is

– Bullnose 6×6 Solid Ceramic Tiles – $
(These tiles are limited in colors and designs however we recommend adding some glass step accent or strip of glass tiles below the tileline to jazz up the look.)

Fot 2×6 cap tile Edge the option is 

– 2×6 Cap Tile & Solid, Mosaic or Glass Tile Combination – $$$
(For this glass we have to combine a 2×6 cap tile around the perimeter with a 6×6 solid, mosaic or any glass tile glass below the 2×6 cap tile around entire perimeter of the pool/spa.)

Step Accents

Take a look at the various step accent options and and let us know which option you would like to go with.
This is an important part of the process and these pictures will help you decide. Keep in mind your only choosing the style here once you know what you want we will help you choose the right tile for the steps.

Choice A
Choice B
Choice C
Choice D
Choice E
Choice A+
Choice C+
Choice C&D+
3x3 Diamond Cut-outs
3x3 Glass Tile Diamonds Cut-outs
Single Row 1x2 Glass Tile
Dual Row 1x2 Glass Tile
Dual Row 1x1 Glass Tile
3x3 Diamond cut-outs with accents
1x2 Glass with loaded accents
Dual and Single Row 1x2 Glass Tile Combo

Some of the many tiles choices...

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