Frequently Asked Questions. May Help Answers Some of Yours.

The typical completion time is 1-2 weeks for resurfacing only. 

The typical completion time frame for a redo of the tiles and surface takes around 2 weeks minimum to around 4 weeks maximum weather permitting.

This will take around 4-5 minimum to 6-7 weeks maximum. Keep in mind interlocking pavers are manufactured to order. Lead time on pavers are a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of around 6 weeks.  While we wait for the pavers we will get the pool/spa prepped, tiled and the equipment installed. Once the pavers are delivered it generally takes 2-3 days for installation. Once the installation is complete and the progress payment has been received we schedule your job for the last stage, resurfacing.

No, because travertine is an imported product. It is typically readily available with the exception of the product being out of stock then we have to play the waiting game otherwise we are able to have the travertine delivered with-in 1-2 weeks. This off course will trim down the total project completion by a few weeks when you go with the travertine option in lieu of pavers.

The most obvious and noticeable difference is the texture and feel.  
Quartz finishes are more smooth however not as durable as the pebble finishes are. 
If you are in search for a cost efficient and smooth product the any non-pigmented quartz finish will suit you. If you prefer a more durable, higher-end product than any of the pebble finishes will be a good match.

Great question!
Hydrazzo is a polished aquatic finish option and the creme of the creme. It is a very smooth and silky finish even more so than the quartz finishes. The entire surface after resurfacing has to be polished with a hydro-polisher. Much like waxing/polishing an automobile however it is much more time consuming. The cost is justifiable because the finish is renewable. This means after 5-10 years we can drain the pool/spa, polish the finish some more and it will look new and feel even smoother than before. 

Yes we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover and no we don’t add on processing fees like the rest.

Yes, if you received an estimate from a licensed pool/spa contractor who is offering the same products and services we will likely match or beat the price. 

Absolutely! We specialize in pool and spa resurfacing, re-tiling and deck pavers. Doesn’t make a difference whether it is commercial or residential as we have all the proper licenses, insurances and are up to date on local codes and permitting requirements.

Yes, paving is one of our specialties and we believe our crew is the best at it. We will handle the entire process from start to finish paving your entire driveway, walkway and whatever else you wish to pave. You just tell us where and we will pave the way.

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