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Visualizer Studio

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Pool Image
Pool Tiles
Pool Finish

Step 1: Choose a photo from the samples below.

  • pool shape 1
  • pool shape 2
  • pool shape 3
  • pool shape 4

Step 2: Select a new interior finish.

Note: There are more finishes available, but these ones are the most popular.

    Exposed Quartz Finishes

  • exposed tile 1
  • exposed tile 2
  • exposed tile 3
  • exposed tile 4
  • exposed tile 5

    Pebble Finishes

  • pebble tile 1
  • pebble tile 2
  • pebble tile 3
  • pebble tile 4
  • pebble tile 5
  • pebble tile 6

Step 3: Choose a new tile for your pool/spa (optional). To skip click Next.

Note: There are many more tiles available. These are some that customers love.

Step 4: Choose a new deck paint color (optional). To finish, fill out form below.

Note: We use a specialized acrylic paint that is resistant to pool/spa chemicals.
  • deck color 1
    Montego Bayge
  • deck color 2
  • deck color 3
    Autumn Tan
  • deck color 4
    Irish Cream
  • deck color 5
  • deck color 6
  • deck color 7
    Caribbean Cream
  • deck color 8
    Ocean Sand
  • deck color 9
  • deck color 10
    Cabo Beach
  • deck color 11
  • deck color 12
  • deck color 13
    Southern Clay
  • deck color 14

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