COVID-19 Corona Virus 2019-2020

In these times of uncertainty, we can never be too cautious in light of that we should try to remain calm, isolate and pray that this virus passes.


– Wash Your Hands & Sanitize: Wash your hands with warm water and lots of anti-bacterial soap. Make sure to wash thoroughly.
Sanitize as much as possible with alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer and spray disinfectants.

 – Isolate: This is a great way to help wind this virus down, stay at home if possible otherwise stay away from crowds and close social interactions. Isolation doesn’t have to feel like punishment catch up on some books, emails, your favorite TV shows, projects, exercise or maybe even learn something.

– No Touching Not Even Yourself: Don’t touch anybody outside your house and keep a safe distance, don’t touch your eyes, pick your nose or pick food out of your mouth.

– Diet: This is a good time to take a few pounds off, restrict bad eating habits, make sure you are taking your vitamins, staying hydrated and eating healthy so your body is getting a good supply of nutrients. Take care of your body and immune system and it will take care of you.

– Stop Coughing & Sneezing Into Open Air: Please sneeze or cough into your elbows or into a tissue.

– Shower: When you get home change your cloths and if you have been out all day take a nice hot shower. You don’t want to bring the virus into your home and infect your family, roommates or animals.

Please take this situation seriously and be more knowledgeable about it, so you are able to keep yourself and loved ones safe and healthy.

We highly encourage you to use these tips if you aren’t already doing so, review the symptoms diagram and watch the video in this post. Hope everybody makes it out of this with a clear bill of health.

Please share this to everybody you know who may not be knowledgeable on COVID-19 also known as the Corona Virus.



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