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The Pool Specialist was founded with one core philosophy being totally transparent.
We are Up Front & Honest From The Start and we mean that. We have also committed ourselves to the highest degree of excellence in each and every facet of our business. We at The Pool Specialist believe in prompt service,
fair pricing and above all a great experience for the customer.


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Grow through our extensive photo gallery of completed pool resurfacing and complete pool renovations that include deck pavers, travertine pool decks upgrades, and much more. 

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Customer Experience Tour

We will like to share with you what you may likely experience. This way you have a clear understanding of the process and your expectations are managed and exceeded.

Getting started:

The fastest way to get started is to fill out the form above, or you may call in by phone Monday – Friday between 9am to 5pm. 
We recommend filling out the form, put in all of your information and briefly explain to us what you wish to achieve with your pool, tiles, deck and anything else.

You will receive a personal call from us to schedule a mutually convenient appointment: 
You will receive a call from one of our highly experienced team within a few hours, sometimes outside office hours and very busy periods it may take up to 24 hours for us to call and schedule a free no obligations at your home appointment.

Once scheduled in the unlikely event we get delayed or have to reschedule, we will contact you well in advance.

Please do your best to keep your appointment with us. If you need to reschedule call/text us in advance. Thank you!

What happens on appointment day:
We arrive at your property on the scheduled day and during the time window. 

We start by introducing ourselves and our company to you and find out what you wish to achieve and once we have a clear understanding of you would like.

We will start by taking accurate electronic measurements of the dimensions of your pool, deck and anything else that you have indicated you would like refreshed or upgraded. This process will include

the multiple length and widths of the pool, the different depths,, the perimeter, the deck size and any other areas that have been mentioned. We will also take photographs of everything, we double check measurements

with standard measuring devices to ensure you are only paying for those areas and nothing more. We will then show you different physical samples of the surface finishes in conjunction with photographs, these photo’s

will be of actual pools we have completed, not generic pictures of others work. Then we will discuss tiling options with you along with this we will show you actual samples from our vast range of tiles in Ceramic and Glass finishes. 

Each of our Sale professionals, carry a wide range of samples on board. If you desire additional items such as Pavers, Fountains, Lighting, Heating, Automation, Salt Systems, we will discuss these in detail, we will also inform you of the pro’s and cons with regard to anything during the discussions.

We briefly explain the entire process with you and answer any questions you may have.

What happens after the appointment?
The admin and sales team reviews the details from the appointment and after carefully calculating everything, puts together a detailed and itemized estimate and services agreement. Once the estimate is prepared it will be sent to you by Email with references and pictures of our work. We typically will get this over to you within 24 hours, sometimes much sooner. For quotations that involve multiple items it may take a little longer, this is due to checking supplier pricing of equipment and materials

prior to completing your quotation.

Review & finalizing your project:

Now we wait for you to review the estimate & services agreement and answer any of your questions, concerns and revise any scope of work that you may want removed or added on the estimate/services agreement.

We understand that you may want to get multiple quotations and we encourage this, experience has shown us that most quality professional companies, providing identical materials and top notch technicians will see all quotations to be very similar

in pricing and specifications

Please always check out references, reviews, insurance and all aspects that any professional company would welcome WE DO. Remember not all pool contractors are created equal.

Getting your project rolling:
To get rolling we need you to sign the estimate/services agreement. You have a few options you may print, sign and scan the docs back to your representative,  E-sign it or come in to the office for a final review of everything and to sign the agreement.

We also require the down-payment at signing and can’t get your project scheduled until we have received your payment.

Commencement of work: 
We are able to get started on most projects within 1 week. Off course all projects are a bit different and at signing we will go over the estimated start and completion time frame. We start by ordering in all the materials and scheduling the prep, then we schedule a date for tiling, equipment installation and paving if you decide to the entire lot.

Keep in mind the work is not done always on consecutive days as we have multiple projects in rotation and different work is done in varying stages.

Weather permitting, we do try our best to stay true to our normal completion timelines as it is in all our interests to finish the jobs as promptly as possible. 

Please remove items such as furnishings, decorative items, sunshades and anything close to the pool which could be damaged by the construction process or the dusts from the work. please make sure any screen access doors are unlocked, gates etc so as not to impeded access.

Initial Preparation Process 

Our prep team normally arrive fairly early (8am) on commencement day. They will drain the pool by means of a self contained large pump, they will after draining normally install a temporary pump to keep removing the ground water pressure from under the pool, an external mains power source is needed for pumps and tools etc, we have to use the homes power for the process and some pumps where necessary will be left running to evacuate water and keep your pool safe.

Status updates & concerns:

We try to keep all of our clients individually updated, however with many projects being administered at any one time, this is not always possible. You may always call our office admin manager Mariel between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday for the most accurate information and update, you may also contact your original representative if you prefer. Although our team are always happy to respond, your representative will have to contact Mariel to gain the information and then contact you. Everyone wants good communication and we pride ourselves on this. For scheduling and other info, once a project is about to, or has commenced, the office is the fastest place to get information.

Phone: 407-432-8662

You may email or call your representative for the most accurate information or email the support team.
We are very responsive and respond with-in a few hours at the most Monday – Friday.

Prior to completing the resurfacing which is the final stage of your project we require you to pay your progress payment promptly so we may schedule you in right away.

Water fill-up:  The crew will the leave the water filling after the resurfacing and on pigmented finishes after the final exposure process has been completed. 
We fill your pool/spa with your water outlet. We cannot monitor the filling up ourselves and therefore it is essential you, or an appointed person monitors and fills the pool.

Do not shut off your water till it has reached mid-tile/skimmer. If you shut off the water, before it has reached mid-tile/skimmer level it may leave a water “tide” mark around the perimeter which

is impossible to remove due to it creating an etching process where the water has sat stationary for awhile.

Start-up & Post-care:
Please inform the office or your representative  once the water is filled up.  We will schedule the start-up which consists of installing the eye-ball fittings, any vacuum fittings, add the necessary chemicals and turn the equipment on.

Post care: 
You may ask the office if you are unable to do the post-care so we may recommend a company to you who can. Please also view the post-care instructions

Final payment & warranty filling:
All the work is now completed and final payment is due. Once the final payment has been made we are able to file the warranty with the manufacturer. Keep in mind this must be paid with-in 15 days otherwise it may void your warranty.

We hope this gave you a great insight of the entire process and look forward to working with you.

Q: Do you guys accept credit cards?
A: Yes we do, however, we prefer checks.

Q: What is the typical completion time frame for a simple resurfacing?
A: Due to supply disruptions and changes in availability please talk to your representative for the most up to date lead and completion times.

Q: I want to get my pool/spa resurfaced, re-tiled and pavers put down on my deck. How long will this all take from start to finish?
A: Due to supply disruptions and changes in availability please talk to your representative for the most up to date lead and completion times.

Q: How long is the lead time for travertine?
A: Travertine is readily available as it is an imported product and usually can be delivered within 4-6 weeks. 
If you are doing a total redo pool/spa, tiles, and deck. Going with travertine will reduce the completion time by up to a few weeks.

Q: What’s better pavers or travertine?
A:  This is a difficult question to answer. They are both great options ultimately it’s what you’re looking for.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient product that is also slip-resistant then we say go with pavers.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more upscale look and feel, something that is easy to clean and the cost is not determinator we say go with travertine.

Please come into the office to go over all the pros and cons.

Q: Once the pavers/travertine is delivered how long does it take for installation?
A: 5-7 days from start to finish on most decks. Some large/commercial decks may take a few more days to finish.

Q: Do you cement the pavers/travetine down?
A: Only the coping is cemented down and the outside perimeter, if you do not have a screen enclosure. The rest is sand-set and put together like a large puzzle. 

Q: What kind of sand do use to fill in the paver/travertine joints?
A: Mason sand is also known as toybox sand. We do not use polymeric sand as it contains cement, breaks apart and does not hold up well on deck pavers.