What's the difference, pool resurfacing vs. pool remodeling.

Like usual we like to answer simple questions with great detail. Pool resurfacing vs. pool remodeling? What does it mean, what does it consist of, what are the pros and cons, and what are some frequently asked questions you may benefit from.

What does it mean?
Pool resurfacing refers to the application of a cement-based aquatic finish that is an art form, it is a hand-troweled product which goes over an existing finish hence the term resurfacing.

Pool remodeling means to do more than just resurfacing if you wish to re-tile, add or upgrade equipment, lights and anything else you may like this will be considered remodeling.

What does it consist of?
Pool resurfacing consist of draining the body of water, prepping the surface and hand-troweling on the preferred aquatic finish of your choice. Keep in mind there is an abundance of choices. Visit Choose Your Finish and choose the perfect finish for you.

Pool remodeling at the minimum consists of a re-tiling however it doesn’t have to stop there. Jazz it up by painting the deck or better yet add deck pavers or travertine to the list, but wait there’s more. How about a sun-shelf with an umbrella holder, a water fountain, sheer descent, heater, upgrade the lights to pure white or multi-color LEDs and automate it all with a wifi-based automation system, you get the point. 

What are the pros and cons of pool resurfacing only?


If you are okay with your dated tiles or maybe you love your tiles and they are all intact, then just do the resurfacing only. To renew the inside of your pool/spa. This is more cost-efficient because you are not spending additional money on re-tiling the whole lot.

Time friendly:
Resurfacing only will save you some time if you are in a rush as it takes no more than 1-2 weeks whereas a total redo of the tiles, deck, and equipment will take an additional few weeks to complete. 
Now keep in mind this is only recommended if nothing else needs to be done. If your tiles, deck, and equipment are near the end of its lifeline, don’t try to extend it as it will only take more time and money to do it at a later point vs doing it all together. 


Can’t keep the existing cap tiles, step inserts or accents:
When doing the resurfacing only it is difficult to keep the existing cap tiles on the edge, step inserts or any accents because the material around it has to be chipped away. That alone may damage them and when the finish is filled in around it will overlap a bit and not look as good.
Ask about getting some jazzy step inserts and accents. 

What happens if you do the tiles at a later point:
If you choose to skip over the tiles and just can’t live with them anymore. The pool/spa will need to be drained out wasting water and risking the pool/spa popping out. It is not recommended to drain out a pool/spa several times. A licensed contractor will take the proper steps to ensure that doesn’t happen however the risk is still there. You risk damaging the finish when taking off the existing tiles and lastly you will have a grout line in-between the tile and finish it will not be flush. 

Not what you wanted:
You thought you would be fine with just a resurfacing now you realize the tiles look even more dated and deck needs attention. You don’t get second chances not without spending a lot of money that is. 
We recommend not to rush the process and before you start looking for a licensed contractor to do the work, keep in mind we know of a great contractor, however, what we want to tell you is step back and take a good look at your pool/spa and if you feel your tiles, deck, spill-way or equipment needs attention, don’t second guess yourself it does. If at the first glance you say my tiles look great, equipment works great then just go ahead and do the resurfacing only.

Deck will get scratched:
Keep in mind when you are having your pool/spa resurfaced, there is a lot of foot traffic from the beginning till the end. A lot of equipment is carried back and forth which even with coverings on the deck will cause some scratch and bruises to your deck. We recommend you pair the resurfacing together with deck painting. You may have the contractor do it or do it yourself. Just don’t drip paint into the water and if you do, brush it off right away. 

Light may not turn on anymore: 
This is common, keep in mind your light/s has been in a stationary location for years. When it is removed and placed on the deck, just a bit of shock may blow-out the light bulb. Now, this does not happen every time however if it does you know why. We recommend you also always replace the light bulb and gasket at the minimum or to be more safe change-out the entire light fixture/s. Many nice light options are now available. 

What are the pros and cons of pool remodeling?


Get what you want no holding back:
Let’s be honest it’s not as cost-efficient, but you get what you want. Your pool/spa is a piece of luxury an oasis on your private island called your home. It is a place where friends and family get together to let loose. We want you to be proud of what you have earned for yourself because not everybody has a pool/spa even in Florida it is considered a piece of luxury reserved only for the few. So treat yourself and the family to completed remodeled pool/spa, deck with pavers or travertine, LED lighting, heater and automate it all with an app on your mobile device by getting an automation system, now you are in the cool crowd.

It will match your taste:
You will puzzle the entire piece together from the start to suit your taste and personality. You and your family don’t need to look at somebody else’s taste anymore. 

Everything will totally be renewed:
Everybody loves the feeling of new things, nobody likes driving an old used car if we do, it is to save money. Luxury can’t be comprised.


It is not as cost-friendly:
The more creative you get, the more the cost. We love the combination of a resurfacing, retile, deck paver or travertine and led lights. This gives you a totally renewed oasis. You may take it one step further with all new and upgraded equipment and if you wish to go beyond that how about a rocky waterfall?

Takes a bit longer to complete:
Keep in mind a lot more is going on, means it will take a bit longer. Remain patient it will all be worth it.
A basic remodel consisting of resurfacing, re-tiling and painting the deck will take about 2-4 weeks weather permitting. 

In conclusion, we recommend whatever path you decide to take make sure it is the right one. Reviewing all the pros and cons and frequently asked questions. It will be of great benefit to you. 

Frequently asked questions & answers you will benefit from!

Save up!
If you want to do it all, you will never be happy if you do the minimum. Save up and get it done altogether. It will be more cost-effective as the more you get the more you are able to save by packing.
You will also be happier and will get what you deserve. 

No, you should not worry if you do your due diligence and hire the right contractor, proper steps will be taken to minimize the risk. 
We don’t recommend draining out the pool/spa over and over.

Pool resurfacing only will take about 1 to 2 weeks.

Pool remodeling with re-tiling will take around 2 to 3 weeks

Pool remodeling with re-tiling, deck painting, and some equipment upgrades will take about 2 to 4 weeks.

Pool remodeling with re-tiling, deck pavers or travertine, and equipment upgrades will take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.


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